Three of the Weirdest Golf Factoids You’ll Read Today

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Invented over 500 years ago in Scotland, Golf is one of the oldest sports still played. In its long, long history, it’s also become one of the most interesting sports out there. Here are some of the most intriguing golf facts that not even die hard fans know.

Doug Ford was the Nostradamus of golf.

Before he was one of the coolest golfers to ever live, Doug Ford predicted that he’d win the Masters. Of course, many pro golf hopefuls also make such claims, but not only did Doug Ford call his victory, which would come in 1957 — he also called his score. Sure enough, his prediction came, and he won the Masters with his predicted score of 283.

Jason Zuback earned his title as the World Long Drive Champion.

Jason Zuback didn’t just earn his title — he broke records. The five time champion can drive a golf ball a whopping 468 yards. What’s more, he also earned the record for the fastest ever golf drive after sending a ball sailing at an incredible speed of 204 miles per hour.

Golfers in Japan who defy the odds of getting a hole in one need contest insurance to cover the obligatory party they must throw.

The odds of a hole in one are fairly astronomical, so you’re considered pretty lucky if you make one. In Japan, golfers are expected to share that luck by throwing a party for their companions, complete with gifts for everyone. That sounds pretty nice, but it can get expensive quickly, which is why Japanese golfers need to take out hole in one contest insurance. For a small fee, these contest insurance policies can cover parties that can cost as much as $10,000. So if you ever go golfing in Japan, make sure you take out contest insurance first.

Now the next time you’re at trivia, and someone asks about Jason Zuback, Doug Ford, or contest insurance, you’ll be ready. If you have any other factoids to share, leave them in the comments. Good refereneces:

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