Three Things You Never Knew About Golf

Golf prize

Although some people knock it as being rather dry, there’s no denying that the sport of golf is really quite interesting — even its history is steeped in fascination. Although most believe that golf was invented about 500 years ago in Scotland, others claim that its origins lie in China, where a similar game was played as far back as 943 A.D.

And that’s not all! Here are a few other facts about golf that you’ll never believe.

The Odds of Getting a Hole in One Twice in One Round Are Astronomical.

For a professional golfer, the odds of getting a hole in one are 2,500:1 and for an amateur golfer, the odds are 12,500:1. What’s most mind boggling, though, is that the chance of an amateur golfer getting two holes in one in just one round of golf are about 67,000,000:1!

Japanese Golfers Need to Take Out Hole in One Contest Insurance.

Considering the astronomical odds of a hole in one, it’s easy to see why golfers in Japan see getting a hole in one as a sign of good luck. In fact, it’s actually customary to share your luck throw an entire party when you get a hole in one in Japan, which is why Japanese golfers take out contest insurance. For just a small fee, their contest insurance policies assure them that if they do make a hole in one, they can throw a party without having to pay for it.

A Russian Man Once Hit a Golf Ball into Space.

According to the Guinness Book of Records, Russian astronaut Mijail Tiurin became the first person ever to drive a golf ball into space back in 2006.

Who would have thought that getting a hole in one was such a lucky thing? Or how contest insurance could save a person’s bank account? Or that you could even drive a golf ball into space? If you have any of your own trivia facts on golf or on contest insurance, feel free to share in the comments. Learn more.

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