Three of the Best Holes in One of All Time

Hole in one usa

Considering what the odds of getting a hole in one are (12,500:1 for anyone keeping score at home), it’s pretty amazing when hole in one contest participants can sink the shot and win the big golf prize. As jaw-dropping as those victories may be, they don’t even compare to these golfers who made some of the best shots of all time.

James Kingston.

The shot that James Kingston made is arguably the best hole in one ever for the sheer fact that it’s also one of the luckiest. Everyone in the crowd and even the announced was speechless as the South African golfer’s shot careens off of a tree branch and into the hole.

Leif Olson.

Back in 2009 at the RBC Canadian Open, Duke University graduate Leif Olson smashed the shot of his life, sending the ball well past the hole. However, the ball had enough backspin on it that it deflected off of his playing partner’s ball and went straight for the hole. Not only was this Olson’s best hole in one, but also his first professional one, too.

Jason Hargett.

Jason Hargett’s best hole in one earned him a cool million dollars. In 2009, Hargett decided to participate in the Mark Eaton Classic charity golf event in Utah at the very last minute. With his a nine iron that belonged to his brother, the restaurant manager did what most would never have expected and made the best hole in one of his life.

The odds of a hole in one are certainly staggering, but it’s no impossible — just improbable. Of course, odds can always be defied as these golfers proved. Do you agree or disagree? What do you think was the best hole in one of all time? Feel free to share in the comments!

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