The Importance of Travel Insurance for Large Groups

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Planning any vacation or trip requires a lot of work. Planning a trip for a large group of people can be even more overwhelming and stressful. You are required to plan for the accommodations, transportation, and activities for a large group of people with different likes and dislikes. Also, travel plans do not always go as planned. Hotels can be double booked, transportation can fail, and weather conditions can make it impossible to do some activities and plans. Travel insurance for groups is helpful when planning a trip for multiple people.

There are many reasons that someone might decide to travel in large groups. Top leisure travel activities for U.S. domestic travelers include, 1. Visiting relatives 2. Shopping 3. Visiting friends 4. Fine dining, and 5. Beaches. Nearly 4 out of 5 domestic trips taken are for leisure purposes (79%). People may choose to leisurely travel in large groups for church outings, travel groups, or family reunions.

Unfortunately, just as vast are the reasons that people may travel, are the reasons that trips may be cancelled. A person may choose to not travel because of a last minute emergency, or financial problem. Canceling a trip too close to the travel date often results in lost booking and hotel fees. In some situations, the group may be responsible for these fees, if they are non refundable. Travel insurance for groups can help over those few people who may back out at the last minute.

Sometimes travel modes do not work out. For example, there may be flight delays, causing the group to arrive to their destination very late. They may miss nights in the hotel, a fee that is often non refundable. Travel insurance for groups can protect the fees paid to the hotel when circumstances, such as delayed flights cannot be controlled.

Natural disasters can also ruin trips. Most large group outings are planned many months in advance, with no idea of how the weather will be. Some states experience hurricanes, dangerous tropical storms, and earthquakes. A group may even be required to leave their destination early, because of an oncoming tropical storm. Without travel insurance for groups or emergency medical evacuation travel insurance, the travelers may still be required for the costs.

Global and international travel is much pricier than traveling within the country. However, international travel is much more likely to be delayed, especially for larger groups. It is important to have international medical trip insurance options available to the travelers of the group. One in eight U.S. adults (12%) either had their travel impacted, or considered changing their travel plans, due to natural disasters or world events since summer 2010, according to recently released findings of a survey conducted for the US Travel Insurance Association. Yet, of travelers impacted, only 29% had travel insurance.

Medical coverage is also always a concern when traveling internationally. Although your individual insurance coverage may follow you from state to state, it may not cover international medical care. Having global medical insurance is important when traveling into different countries. An international medical insurance company can provide your group with medical coverage that covers the length of the trip.

Approximately 61% of Americans say they would travel in 2014, taking an average of 2.4 vacation trips, according to a survey conducted for the US Travel Insurance Association. A large percentage of these travelers will not have travel insurance for groups and will suffer large financial losses due to unforeseeable circumstances. Choosing international medical trip insurance can protect those traveling within the group from these risks.

Traveling can be exciting and entertaining. However, it can also be expensive and risky, if you do not have the proper travel insurance. This is especially true if you are traveling with a large group, or if you are responsible for planning the traveling accommodations for a large group. Travel insurance can protect the members of the group from many situations, including natural disasters, plane delays, international medical problems, and any other unexpected problem during travel.

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