Four Ways to Save Money on Your Insurance Costs

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Everyone needs insurance. There’s no getting around that — but if you are finding that your monthly insurance bills are becoming too big a part of your budget, then it may be time to consider ways you can reduce your insurance rates.

Luckily, there is a huge number of different ways anyone can lower their insurance payments — for free!

If you’re ready to start paying less on your various types of insurance each month, check out these four things you can do to reduce your insurance payments:

1. Take a defensive driving course: Certain demographics, like teens and people in their 20s, get charged significantly more for car insurance by car insurance agents. To reduce your insurance rate, you can enroll in a defensive driving course, which can lower your personal auto insurance costs by as much as 10 to 15%.

2. Opt for the highest deductible you’re able to afford: An insurance deductible is the one-time fee you pay before your insurance coverage begins. And a deductible is similar to the down payment you’d put on a house or car — the more you pay on your deductible, the less your monthly insurance payments will be.

3. Get insurance that fits your needs: In many cases, people are prone to over-insuring themselves by getting a plan that is meant to cover more assets than the individual has. Make sure you get the car, health and life insurance plans that most closely match the level of coverage you need.

4. Switch to an independent insurance agent: Independent insurance agents (in addition to local insurance agents) offer competitive rates to their customers because they often don’t have to cover the same overhead costs that larger insurance companies do. As a result, choosing to get your insurance from an independent insurance agent could save you hundreds each year. Find more on this here.

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