ADHD Symptoms As Defined by an ADHD Doctor

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) can affect many aspects of daily life. ADHD doesn’t look the same for everyone. As highlighted in the YouTube video, the condition can present itself in several ways in children and adults. Symptoms vary depending on the type of ADHD a person has. For instance, individuals with the inattentive subtype may struggle with focus and are easily distracted by external stimuli.

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Symptoms may be different depending on the patient’s age.

Even though they become more visible when a child starts school, ADHD symptoms often appear early. The first symptoms are seen before the age of 12. An ADHD doctor may diagnose a child earlier or later than that; it depends on the child’s symptoms and severity.

If you notice ADHD symptoms in your child, you should reach out to an ADHD doctor or any mental health professional for screening. It is important to note that only a licensed healthcare professional can diagnose comprehensively. Usually, they will start with a blood test to rule out any underlying physical conditions.

After diagnosis, you can discuss treatment options with the ADHD doctor. Medication is one of the options. The right resources and treatments can be beneficial regardless of your age or symptoms during diagnosis.


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