5 of the Weirdest Types of Insurance You’ve Never Heard Of

Insurance for coffee shops

Nowadays, you can get just about anything insured if you want to. Don’t believe it? Consider the following.

Alien Abduction Insurance. – Who knows if aliens are really out there? Luckily, you can get abduction insurance in the event that there really are little gray men out there who want to beam you up for experiments. What’s even crazier than the fact that this insurance exists is the fact that more than $10 million in alien abduction insurance has been written across the nation.

Dog Walking Insurance. – Yes, there is dog walking insurance (and dog grooming insurance, too). This makes more sense than you might think it does. After all, what are you to do if you were walking two of your normal dogs and a third, new one, which doesn’t socialize well with the other dogs, and winds up getting into a scrap with them? You’d obviously have to pay for all the vet bills, but not if you had dog walking insurance.

Lottery Winner Insurance. – If you win the lottery, you’d be able to quit your job. It’d probably be the first thing you’d do, actually. This would be a big problem for your company. Not only would they wind up losing a good employee with years of experience, but they’d also have to find and replace you, and then that new employee wouldn’t be quite nearly as good at the job as you were when you left because of the lack of experience. That’s why employers in the United Kingdom can purchase insurance in the event that two or more of its employees quit after winning the lottery. The only problem with this type of insurance is that it only pays out if the two (or more) employees win in the same drawing.

Haunted House Insurance. Much like the dog walking insurance, haunted house insurance makes pretty good sense. Rather than covering actually-haunted houses, this type of policy insures the popular Halloween attractions. Reported claims for haunted houses have actually included a wrongful death claim when a teen suffering from asthma had a bad reaction to a fog machine in a St. Louis haunted house.

Monster Attack Insurance. – Speaking of Halloween, you can get an insurance policy to protect you against an attack from a vampire, werewolf, zombie, mummy, gillman, or whatever creature of the night you’re worried about from Lloy’ds of London.

Know of other weird types of insurance? Feel free to share them in the comments.

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