5 Common Diseases to Look Out for Over 50

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Growing older is a privilege, growing older while staying healthy is even better. But sometimes that reality doesn’t exactly happen. Illness becomes easier to come by as you age and your immune system begins to slow down. The highest rate of chronic health diseases, such as diabetes and heart disease, come from the United States. How you handle growing older and being at risk is an important factor for living a healthy life. Here are five common diseases to keep an eye out for as you hit your golden years.

  1. Heart Disease:Heart disease is the leading cause for death in people over 65 in the United States, affecting 37% of men and 26% of women. Around 84% of people over 65 die from heart disease. As you age, things like high blood pressure commonly tend to occur, increasing your risk for serious heart disease. If you are at risk, it is a good idea to be sure your health and life insurance plan covers heart disease. If your unsure, many life insurance companies will be able to let you know. Staying fit, eating a balanced diet and getting plenty of sleep can also greatly reduce the risk to develop such conditions.
  2. Cancer: Right behind heart disease, cancer is the second most cause for death in people over 65. As you age, the risk to develop cancer increases as well. 28% of men and 21% of women develop cancer in their later years. Though most cancers cannot be prevented, treatments and keeping yourself as healthy as possibly can improve your quality of living. Many life insurance companies also now cover cancer care insurance policies, taking a lot of the burden off of your shoulders as you are dealing with cancer.
  3. Respiratory problems:The third leading cause of death in older individuals is respiratory diseases. This can also lead you vulnerable to contracting pneumonia or other various infections. The use of supplemental oxygen, along with proper intake of medication can greatly improve your health and extend your life.
  4. Alzheimer’s Disease:. The Alzheimer’s Association reports one in nine people over 65 have this disease. Alzheimer’s being incredibly tricky to diagnose, that number very well could be higher. The disease is progressive and can rapidly reduce the quality of living for people, which is why it’s important that choosing a health plan, you make sure the life insurance companies you’re considering have something for it.
  5. Diabetes: Diabetes can be diagnosed fairly early with blood tests. Nevertheless, there does not yet exist a permanent cure for the disease, making it a life-long issue to deal with. It is important to check your medical coverage to see if anything involving diabetes is covered by insurance.

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