Three Reasons to Be Covered by Health Insurance

Individual health insurance

Health insurance has been a contentious topic in the political realm for many years now. Some people are of the persuasion that health insurance should be run by private companies so that individuals have more control over cost, quality of care, and who their primary care provider is. Those on the other side of the debate consider the many people currently without individual health insurance, and argue that every person should have access to health care regardless of income. In order for this to work, the federal government would need to oversee the way in which medical insurance is distributed, which concerns those who don’t wish to have their taxes increased while possibly receiving lesser quality health care. Of course, there are already some federal programs in place (Medicare and Medicaid) intended to provide health care for the elderly and low-income families.

From the turn of the century, health insurance in the U.S. has been trending away from private coverage and toward public. As of today, only two in five workers under the age of 65 have employer based health insurance coverage. But even public coverage is not all inclusive. When it comes to eye and vision concerns for adults, for instance, the Affordable Care Act does not cover these types of health issues. Regardless of where one stands on the issue or whether one receives health care from a private health insurance agency or the government, having health insurance is important, especially for those with chronic conditions, genetic defects, and hazardous occupations. Even still, many Americans are without it. Here are three major reasons why having health insurance is so important:

1) Timely, Trustworthy, and Effective Care.

Without health insurance, a person is very limited when it comes to choosing their health care provider. Those with health insurance can choose their doctor and establish a trusting relationship that makes for more effective and comfortable visits and treatments. Those covered with health insurance also have quicker access to quality medical care than those not covered.

2) Potential Lower Long-Term Cost.

Though paying into a health insurance plan each month may be at worst a financial burden, or at the very least a drag, the ability to gradually pay into the system is generally simpler and less burdensome than having to pay a gigantic medical bill all at once. And depending on how many times one visits one’s health care provider, one can potentially save money on medical costs with a good insurance plan.

3) Peace of Mind.

The third and perhaps most significant (at least on a day to day basis) reason having health insurance is so important is that it allows people the comfort of knowing no matter what illness, injury, or accident is thrown their way, they won’t have to pay an outrageous price to foot the bill. Those without insurance don’t have this luxury. To live in fear of losing all of one’s savings due to sudden tragic circumstances is not an enjoyable way to live.

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